The History of Space Photography and Guardians of the Cosmos: October 14, 2017


Two new exhibitions will be on view at the Foosaner Art Museum, F.I.T. from Saturday, October 14th through January 6, 2018: The History of Space Photography and Guardians of the Cosmos: Paintings by Raimundo Martin. 

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Foosaner Exhibits are Out of this World!

Featuring 150 photographs, The History of Space Photography presents and explains the extraordinary variety of important historic, modern, and contemporary space photographs that have been made since the development of photography in the first half of the 19th century.  Images of deep space from great observatories around the world are included.  In addition, many images from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other institutions’ explorations of the solar system are represented, as well as a history of satellite photographs of our planet and the revolutionary discoveries these represent.     The History of Space Photography was curated by Jay Belloli and has traveled worldwide since 2012.

Guardians of the Cosmos: Paintings by Raimundo Martin features colorful, cosmological paintings by Miami-based Raimundo Martin.  Martin was born in Cuba and studied art at the famous San Alejandro Academy in Havana.  The exhibit features his most recent “Guardians” series which is influenced by medieval icons, Renaissance painting, and Surrealism.  As Martin describes, the paintings “present archetypes that beckon us toward new dimensions of consciousness … thresholds across which we move into the unknown.”

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