February is a Beach


 February Beach Day

Last week, I ventured over the causeway. It was mostly a relaxation thing, but I grabbed the GoPro anyway to see what I could find. Turns out, I ended up capturing more intriguing content with my iPhone while I time-lapsed the beach (after an hour of thinking I was capturing on the GoPro every 1/2 second, I realized it was taking a picture every 1/2 hour).  It turned out to be an 80 degree day, so I was surprised to have the beach to myself for a few miles on either side.

Everything featured in the gallery is admittedly ordinary to find any day at Melbourne Beach. Florida has some secrets, and Melbourne puts me in a prime position to go exploring, especially since it’s pretty centrally located along eastern Florida. Between classes, if you’re ever in a position to explore, take it! Chances are, you’ll be glad you did.


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I have long been fascinated with anything that flies. Growing up in Florida, there are major airports everywhere, and driving by them was always a real treat for my eager eyes. As a freshman at FIT in the College of Aeronautics, majoring in Aeronautical Science with Flight, I will be living my dream: flying. Combine that passion with my passion to photograph, and it's a surefire recipe for success. I consider myself extremely lucky to have this opportunity, and in the next four years, I hope to share my experiences with you, showing that dreams really can come true when you go out of your way for something. Life is extraordinary!

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